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Benefits of Wooden Toys - Part 2

Okay every mum will agree with me when I say this out loud..."All kids are rough on their toys!"

There is not a household that I do not know of that has at least one broken toy waiting to be fixed or your little one dragging around or pretending it zooms across a beautiful timber floor using a car with no wheels! (Know from experience).

Wooden toys can be enjoyed by generations, how amazing is it being able to hand a toy to your children knowing all the fun that you had as a child and the walk down memory lane is unbelievable.

Toys that are made with care and quality can be made to last, they are solid and its pretty difficult for them to be broken or damaged aside from the scratches or dents.  When they get dirty you wipe them off and start again.

If you are going to invest in learning products for your home, you want the fun, durable last a lifetime which is hard to come by these days and can be passed through your children and grandchildren and possibly great grandchildren, invest in wooden toys.


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