Sound Wave Art

  • $50.00

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Our new and extremely distinctive Sound Wave Boards are here!  This is one of a kind art work. 

This exclusive pieces will forever visually capture a voice, song, or other audio moment as a truly special gift. 

See your recording as a sound wave, be it an “I love you” or a “thank you,” or even wedding vows or a heartbeat. 

Frame it and present it as a Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift, anniversary gift, Valentine’s Day gift, Christmas gift, grandparent gift, or thank you gift. The possibilities are endless! 

These unique boards have a QR code on the reverse of the board that you can hear the sound wave at anytime (code can also be placed on the front)

There are several choices for your Sound Wave Boards:

Board Colour: Natural or as per Colour Palaette or our all natural Stain (as pictured) 

Wave Colour: As per our Colour Palette

Measurements: Two sizes or can creat a custom size to your liking (contact us for more details on custom sizes)

Small: L30cm x H14cm; Large: L50cm x W27cm

Your piece will be unique! This piece is made with real wood, painted by a real paint and by a real person.

Expect it to look unique, worn and rustic. Dents, rings and chips are all part of the charm.

* Note: Once your order is placed we will send you an email in regards on how to submit your audio file.